Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Mom's been watching a lot of TLC lately and I saw a commercial for this new show. It's called "River Monsters". I got the jibblies (an unpleasant sensation number 6-something-or-other on Strong Bad's Bottom Ten). I am one brave little toaster but nothing makes me HYPERVENTILATE like this does

Why are they smiling? Oh, probably because it's dead and not nibbling their toesies (or legsies) off

Guess what the caption on this one was. "GIANT CATFISH EATS HUMAN." Please, God, let me die ANY other way.

And basking sharks? Forget about it. You guys are too creepy looking to exist.

I am ashamed of this. I love the ocean, I LOVE swimming. And this is such a recent thing.

Well, right before we went to Lake Powell last year my violin teacher told me a story about how her friend was scuba diving in Lake Powell and saw a catfish bigger than his body. I peed my pants a little.
And there you have it.


meg. said...

thanks for that.
i was going to lake powell this summer.
i'm going to break my arm instead.

Lindsey said...

Ok, this brought about a million memories from Lake powell, AND st. george.
we only ranted on about Strong bad's bottom ten for about an hour.
"dry tee shirt contests"

Mallory said...

yeah, megan, i about had a heart attack every time i went in the water. just ask lindsey. it was horrid.

Mallory said...

also, "that painting in strong mad's closet"