Monday, June 14, 2010

the time is ripe.

It is ripe, ladies and gentz, for a shout-out to Miss Megan Abel and her blog. In this post, not only will I be shouting-out, but I will be mimicking her post today about inspiration and all of the things she's inspired in me.

1. She was a huge inspiration for starting my own blog. The very first inspiration, asamatteroffact.
2. She was a huge inspiration for my new wedding soon-to-be obsession. Wedding blogs, wedding photos, wedding e vuh ree thing.
3. She, along with Christopher Alan Busby, was a huge inspiration for me starting to read the bible.
Guess what? I want to learn more about God. And be closer to him. I sense a huge, wonderful change in my life.
4. She was my inspiration for walking around my house in only my undergarmz. Very, very liberating. I can't wait for my own apartment now, either.
5. She was my inspiration for being more open about my stalking and creepiness.
Me before: No, I uh, never, uh, hardly ever look at people's photos on Facebook. I don't read statuses or comments either, psh, who does that?? That's totally creepin!
Me after: Oh my gosh, did you see what that girl-that's-not-in-my-grade-and-I've-never-talked-to-before-in-my-life wrote on her friend's cousin's photo? Yeah, I think I'll comment on it too. And I'll often think to myself about other people's lives that I've come to know on Bookface, even though they don't know me. It's cool though. Whate'er.
6. She was my inspiration for starting a secret private blog that I write in almost every day because it's easier than keeping a journal. Shh shhhhhh!
7. She was a huge inspiration for loving photography and looking at photography a lot.
8. She was a huge inspiration for saying "whate'er." I lurve it.

Just to name a few. I think she is a pretty sharp young lady, and I quite like her, and her blog is addicting. I want to know her ways. Thanks Meggie for all you do. Haller!
To view her schweet blog, which I'm sure all of you already have, but whate'er, click here.

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meg. said...

good thing i love you with all of my heart. this really just made my day- week- no, it just made my life.

don't worry, you inspire me e'ryday.