Monday, July 26, 2010

california dreamin'.

One thing I really hate is when people say "CALI". SOO CAAAAL! So Hollister! Yucky yuck. So here I am going to say to you California. California is the real name. Chums y chummettes, I am off to this wonderful land of oranges and seventy degree weather to frolic in the happiest place on earth. I am so excited; I haven't had butterflies like this in so long. Me and Christopher send you lots of x's and o's. Feel free to leave lots of loving messages on my blog and Bookface. Just kitten. You don have to do that. I will miss you all.
XoxxoOoxXxoOoox big kiss little kiss. Name that movie. Adioz!!!!!!!

Ps. Alexxxx and Ham. EXERCISE!!!!!


Jenna said...


Lindsey said...

For some reason I feel as if Chris doesn't really send his x's or o's.

Have fun mallor. Twill be fun. I'm excited to hear about it!
Take pictures.
oh I'm sure you've got that covered.