Monday, August 9, 2010

the post break up survival guide.

1. Keep yourself busy. Anything.
2. Go to church
. Say a few prayers. You'll feel better. Even if your breakup-ee is sitting just rows away.
3. Talk to your mom. Mom makes everything better. So reassuring.
4. Have full on girl time all day. I love my friends. They make everything better.
5. Spend long amounts of time in Barnes and Noble. Such a soothing smelling store.
6. Splurge on plenty of books. One of the only things I don't feel guilty spending money on.
7. Pet an animal. A Gary kitty, an Eddy goggie. It is scientifically proven that it's good for your health.
8. Read Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging. It is impossible to read these books without laughing so hard out loud.
9. Cry yourself out. It'll dry up eventually, promise.
10. Drive the Alpine Loop. It is way fun to drive, and so pretty, and the fresh air is glorious.
11. Take pictures of yourself and your friends doing double chins. Self explanatory.
12. Arts & Craffs.
Decorate a hat. Make a headband. I did.
13. Watch a dumb, long chick flick with your girlfriends. Laugh through the whole thing.
14. Have a sleepover. Make yourself laugh all night.
15. Eat pounds and pounds of chocolate, muddy buddies, tacos, and all the crap food you can imagine. There is NOTHING WRONG with eating your broken heart out.

I'm sorry to be incredibly cliche and very depressing right now. But break ups are probably the worst things in the world. I've been lucky to avoid too many of them in my life time. Even though this is definitely the worst of them, it's also the best, because we still care. We are still talking. We are going to see each other soon. We are still best friends. We are there for each other. This was NOT one sided. He wanted to break up as little as I did. And if all goes according to plan, it is only temporary. I pray. And I assure you, I will not be the one to change the Facebook status.
I am so grateful for my friends who took care of me all day, sent thoughtful worried texts, and took my mind off of my crappy awful life. Thank you thank you thank you.


Sharon.Ovalle.♥. said...

I love you. And our dance routine :)

Hairica said...

You're the best.