Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the college diaries.

uvu. starting to lurve it. it's been an interesting first week.
thursday. got completely lost because one of my classes changed rooms. and i was 45 minutes late to class. then i had to walk super far to my math class and when i got there i thought i was late so i just walked in. and the room was silent and full of people who stared openly at me. two minutes after i sat down, everyone in the class got up and left. it was the class before mine. i'm an idiot.
on the plus side, even though i was sweating profusely, smelled bad, and looked nasty and flustered, a nice boy came up to me in math and said "hey, you're in my english class." and sat beside me. i knew straight off that painting would be a hit. my teacher is an old woman with grey hurr to her shoulders. and she wore a hawaiian shirt with bright orange crocs and spectacles.
this week. nice math boy sat next to me again and asked what my name was, then walked with me from english to math because we have both those classes together. what are the odds? his name is matt. i saw joe lyons, a long lost friend, at the cafe. he is a cashier. it was grand to see him. now here's where it gets scary. in my painting class there are about 3 boys. one of them, on the first day, was flirting with all the girls and bragging to the class about all of his skills. how he does "graphic painting." what is that???? not something that exists. so i told my mom about him and she told me, "there is a weirdo in EVERY art class, mal. he is the one." so yesterday, i walked out of painting by myself and went to the shuttle stop and was sitting there alone. then, HE walks up. him. creepy weird art boy. of all people. and sits down. then he starts doing small talk. and i sort of painfully went along with it. then he said, "i've been doing graphic painting for a while now. yeah. i just wanted to take it to the canvas." yeah, pal, i know. that is EXACTLY what you told the entire class on the first day. then he scooted closer. it was a miracle when the shuttle came. i got on and he sat next to me; who would have guessed? i tried my hardest to ignore him. looking down, fiddling with my phone, the whole nine yards. then he looks and me and says,
"hey, uh, i don't think i'm going to make it to the next couple of you think i could have your number as a contact? yeah, i know, i know, this is like a cheesey way to get your number."
ohhhh gosh. how could i say no? i couldn't.
"yeah, sure."
gave it to him. then, he asks for my first AND last name. and then, he says, "now i'm going to call it and make sure you didn't give me a fake number." and creepy smiles at me. so even if i wanted to reject him or get out of it, he made sure i couldn't. ridiculous. and he told me his name is steven. all i can think about is that video "the greatest freakout ever." the video where that kid goes ballistic after his mom cancels his world of warcraft account. that kid's name is steven. after 17 years we made it to the parking lot and i got out of there real fast. my mom laughed forever when i told her. sit tight, kids, and let's see what kind of havoc he wreaks with my number!


(Megan) said...

I love this so much. College is full of creeps. No joke. I wish I could hear these in person! So. Good.

Lindsey said...

Mallory, I have a very similar experience last week. The guy texted me, asking me on a date, I ignored it and I haven't heard from him since. But I don't have a class with him so I got off the hook a little easier than you. I'm glad I'm not the only one that just goes along with awkward situations.

Megham said...

Mal!! I met a kid named Matt too! I met him while I was at the Native Booth. We text each other, but not particularly about anything..... We'll see what happens with him