Sunday, September 26, 2010

deserves a post of its own.

If you ever listened to Shiny Toy Guns' first album We Are Pilots, then you know that the singer Carah Faye is spectac. Then she left Shiny Toy Guns. And they got a new singer, who was one of the original callbacks for the Pussycat Dolls. Weird, but whate'er. So Carah Faye started her own band with a bunch of guys in Sweden. And this is their result. Versant, Heartbeats EP. So amazing. Only 3 buckaroos on iTunes.

I am super digging Vampire Weekend. I thought I would get sick of their album after listening to it trillions and jillions of times in my car, but I haven't. Incredible. Random tidbit: my friend Matt from school looks like the Ezra, the singer. He is a nice boy.

Muse is touring the US again. Why can't they come back to Utah??? When I went to their concert in April, I cried from the amazingness. I entered a contest (a perk of being 18), to go to their concert in Ohio and meet them. Send good vibes my way so that I can win.

And there's this song called Cameras by Matt and Kim. It is so catchy, and it has horns and violins. I am smitten with it.

Tech N9ne is playing in SLC tonight. I will be listening to Riot Maker all night in tribute.

Music is great.

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jessie said...

vampire weekend. ah. never gets old.

Lindsey said...

Way to throw tech nina in there. =]