Monday, September 6, 2010

it's in the air.

autumnnn. because of the brisk nights and mornings of late, i am in the mood for winter.

what i lurve about autumn/winter:

the CLOTHES. i'm not really fond of shorts. they give me wedgies. i am excited to wear jeans without having sweaty back-of-the-knees.
knit hats.
hobo gloves.
my favorite pleather jacket and grey peacoat that chris gave me. oh how i've missed you these balmy months.
sunny days that are cold and breezy.
driving the alpine loop with all the colors.
halloween. love it.
the haunted forest and watching scary movies snuggled up with a cute boy.
candy corn.
red cheeks and noses.
harry potter 7.
sitting in front of my fireplace.
watching eddy sit an inch away from the fireplace and start panting.
pumpkin pie cake and green bean casserole.
traveling and family.
black friday.
christmas shopping.
christmas music.
christmas trees.
christmas cookies.
the smell of pine.
the first snow and eddy frolicking in it.
"a christmas story" and "elf" over and over and over.
my mom's incredible cooking.
bundling up.
driving at night and seeing all the christmas lights.

.......and then it's january and everything absolutely sucks until valentine's.

and what are your favorite things about this magical time of year?

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the carlisle said...

♥ love this! these are my favorite months too! especially the hobo gloves. and i think i'll knit a hat and matching scarf this year thanks to your inspiration!