Friday, October 1, 2010

far beyond the valley of insane.

Last night I was doing my homework like a good girl when I heard a noise outside. I looked out my window to see Gary sitting in the middle of the street. With a car driving mere feet away from him. Insane weirdo. So of course I bolted downstairs to save him.
I called him and he came running towards me. Then lo and behold ANOTHER cat came following him from the bushes across the street! I scooped up Gary and laughed in his face. He is starting a gang I bet.

The scoundrels.

Then he started getting all twitchy so I let him down and he ran over to the other cat and they started doing weird cat mewing at each other with their tails puffed up to 10 feet in diameter. Then Gary came back to the porch and the other cat stayed on our sidewalk. So I went inside because I thought they were afraid of me. And I peered out the window. Nothing happened. So I called Gary inside and went back upstairs.
Here's where all sanity left the world.
About 15 minutes later, I am upstairs and it is dark outside and I hear this vicious cat fight going on. It sounded like it was in my house. Our basement window was open. So I ran downstairs and saw Eddy in front of our back screen door whining and twitching because he wanted to go outside so bad. I knew he knew where those crazy cats were. So I opened the door. Eddy unleashed and sprinted over into my neighbor's yard through our trees. It sounded like a full on EXPLOSION over there. There was a few full seconds of all this SUPER loud banging and crashing. Then I saw a dark shape fly off towards the left along my other neighbor's fence. Then I saw another shape tearing over to the neighbor's yard on the other side. It was Gary. And this is how I could tell. He was streaking over there unearthly fast. Then he tried to jump over my neighbor's tall white fence and couldn't make it, so he slammed into the fence. Twisting and flying all over the place. Hit the ground and took off running.
He came back in later all exhausted looking and zonked out on my bed.


Lindsey said...

Angus Thongs, nice.

Cats are freakin crazy.

Megham said...

Hahahahah Oh this made me laugh really hard!