Tuesday, October 12, 2010

russian spies.

My neighbors are great.
On Sunday George, our Russian neighbor, came over to teach Chris some Russian. By that I mean he came to teach Chris dirty Russian words, of course. George is 14.
We have this huge bay window on our dining room that faces George's house, and the back of his house faces ours, and it is all windows. We can see each other pretty good. It's a little awkward. So we are sitting at the dining room table and it is dark outside and George looks out the window and says, "Oh my creepy." and we look over and there is a silhouette of someone with their face pressed against the window upstairs in George's house, looking at us. And we watch them. And they stay there for several minutes. It was the creepiest thing. Then the person left, got a mattress shaped object, placed it in front of the window, sat on it, and continued looking. George said it was Nick, his 10-year-old brother. Totally spying on us. Nick finally gets up, goes into George's room one window over, gets his recorder and starts playing it. Then he came back to the window, still playing the recorder. So I said, "George, go sneak over there and scare him." And he says, "Okay." So he left. We waited & watched intently. Then we saw him creeping up the stairs very slowly on all fours in his house through the window. Then we saw him appear behind Nick. He crept behind him and jumped on him. Nick screamed really loud. And we died laughing.

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Megham said...

Bahahahahah this made me laugh really hard!!