Tuesday, November 23, 2010

guess what exists???

This is what I learned in school today.

They are called Glyptodons and they are armadillos' uncles.

When I am a really rich biologist, or doctor, or policewoman, or whatever I turn out to be, I'm going to buy two islands on the opposite sides of the Earth and throw some birds on it and give the islands to my grandchildren, and they will pass them on to their grandchildren and so on. And we will see how the birds change. If they turn purple or if they grow spikes on their feet or if they start to blow fire to adapt to their environment over time. It would be the ultimate experiment. Evolution is crazy.
I don't get how people can say it's either evolution or God. I think that God controls evolution. He makes it happen, just like He makes everything else happen. Simple as that. And I don't get how people can say evolution doesn't exist. Of course it does, or we'd still have dinosaurs running around.
Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind. - Albert Einstein

Sometimes I hope that they'll make wooly mammoths come back to life. It's possible. Soft tissue samples and whatnot. Sometimes I wish they'd make dinosaurs too. I think about that a lot. How WEIRD would that be? Someday I bet it'll happen. We'd have to be so careful. What if a raptor got loose in Africa and killed all the lions? It could throw everything out of balance. We would have to be so careful that it would almost be pointless to bring them back. They would have to be kept in a cage. Still, insane to think about. Playing God? I wonder what He thinks of it.

Good news. I learned another scientific name. I now know 2 by heart.
Drosophila Melanogaster - Fruit fly
Felis Concolor - Mountain lion

I'm excited to see my Gran & Gramps tonight.


Kristiner said...

I agree with you on the evolution thing. Not like the Charles Darwin idea, but that things evolve over time to adapt to their surroundings. People in Africa don't die from Malaria as much as outsiders because they are slightly anemic making the cells die faster so the malaria goes too. Same with the big bang theory. I think it did happen like that, just God was the one with the lighter.

kristen said...

THANK YOU. I like you.