Sunday, December 12, 2010

the one.

In my Christmas tree of life, God slapped a huge ginger bow right on his neck and set him before my tree front. And. Center.
He's what you would call The One.
I'm positive of it.
He is so wonderful, endearing, handsome, delightful.
He has the most glorious beautiful singing voice.
Even when he is singing out of key on purpose to Bert Curtis's music, you can hear it. The perfection. Gets me every time.
He is amazing at guitar. He can wiggle his fingers around so fast they are blurs.
He is an incredibly quick learner at everything.
He can do any voice, and does the best faces.
He can make his eyebrows do the wave.
He has FANTASTIC style. We love shopping.
And let's not forget: he has the biggest hugest heart.
He loves being with people and cares about them.
He is the cleanest, tidiest boy I have ever known.
He loves peanut butter anything, and chapstick, and running.
He sometimes puts large objects in the space between his teeth. And draws his head back so I can count the double chins. Fantastically flaunted.
He has the hugest freckles on his shoulders.
He's absolutely utterly insane. He is impossible not to love.
Good heavens, he is hilarious.
He's so happy. Disregard the Twilight reference, but he is my own personal sun.
He knows what's up. He's super street smart. Incredibly so.
And book smart, too. He knows every medical term there is. And blew all of his teachers' minds.
He loves music. The best kind.
He gives me piggybacks.
Forehead kisses, earlobe kisses, cheek kisses.
He thinks he jumbles his words; can't say what he means. But he does know.
He always makes funny faces at me if we have to sit far apart.
He is adorably cuddly when he's sick.
He is so classy. And looks dashing in a suit.
I imagine heaven smells like him.
I love how tall and huge he is.
I'm such a sucker for that red hair. It knows my fingers well.
He is the funniest person I have ever met.
We always sing in the car.
We love falling asleep on each other.
We kill nazi zombies.
We tell each other absolutely everything and know the other better than anyone else.
We look at each other and know exactly what the other is thinking
We hold hands in a weird way that I love.
We are so weird and so absurd. The oddest of all the oddballs I know.
We have the WEIRDEST nicknames for each other. And make up words frequently.
We love to dance in the kitchen.
We adore driving the Alpine Loop for fun.
We have insane tickle fights.
I am ridiculously excited about talking about him any chance I get.
No matter the circumstance, a dose of Chris makes all the crud go away.
Oh, and I love his family so dang much.
I lucked out so hard.
I hate dating.
I'm definitely a "boyfriend" type girl. I don't "play the field."
I am the settle down with one person and love them unconditionally type.
I hate when boys talk to me. You know. In that way.
I hate the thought of ever dating anyone else. And it makes me sick thinking about not being together.
I've learned so much from him.
I smile when I think of him.
I get butterflies on the drive up to his house.
He is perfectly content with the fact that I am his first girlfriend/first kiss.
I want to marry him. Now.
The truth is. I love him more than anything else on this earth. He is everything I want. And I will definitely be here. Waiting for him. He is a trillion percent worth every second.
And I'm going to do everything that I possibly can to make sure he's mine forevz.
Only one month from today he is off to the Motherland. And yesterday I bought this. $4 from Forever 21.

So it's pretty official.


Megham said...

I would love to hear chris sing "AND I'MMMMM SOOOOOORRRRY"

-Kait- said...

I can't even express how much I adore this.
and you two.
If anyone can make it these two years, it's you two.

Nicole said...

this is the best post ever.

Lindsey said...

So funny and so caute! Chris really is perfect for you Mal. I love you guyves.
I freaking love the last sentence. I laughed for EVER! You are hilarious. I hope these next 24 months fly by!