Monday, January 31, 2011

day 7: my best fren.

Well, I've got 11. Here they are.

The Ace Gang, Jade not pictured.
Shmeg: Ginger and the sweetest.
Ratch: The funniest and an absolute saint.
Charon: Can shake dat booty. She's our mom.
Ham: Bookworm and best to watch romances with. Beautiful hairs and skin.
Hadduh: Shares my obsession for cats and fashioon. Love it. Love it.
Alexxxx: Can beat up anyone and is a fantastic friend.
Linzo: Risk taker, riot maker, sly freaker. Not scared of anything. A crack up.
Britt-P: Best stories ever and laughs at everything and can make me laugh forever.
Shady: Works at a bowling alley. "Aaaarright!"
Kelpee: One of the most real people I know. Also hilarious and laughy.
Jerd: Incredible artist, best sense of humor of all times.

And then the ultimate best:

I miss texting that boy to all hours of the night and playing nazi zombies and snowboarding and watching the Office and talking about nonsense and going to aquariums and dancing in the kitchen and making up words. And and and forever and ever.

I literally would be a lost soul in the world without you people. LOVE YOU

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Lindsey said...

Mallory, you're da bomb. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend =]