Sunday, January 23, 2011

his insanity keeps me sane.

Came into my room and saw this.

Again, came into my room and saw this.

Yep. I was laying reading my textbook when he sat right on my chest and started savagely biting my face.

(Okay, okay. I love my cat more than just about anything and I will probably be like Dudley's aunt on Harry Potter that babysits Harry and shows him photo albums of her 70 cats. SO WHAT.)
(The only person that will ever bother reading this post is Nicole)
(I love you Nicole)


meg. said...

Once i had a ginger cat. Mother named him Ben. I called him Benny. He ran away. I believe you stole him.

lissa kate said...

our kittes could be best friends.
slash twins.

Kristiner said...

Haha! Love it!

Nicole said...

hahahah and i did! to the very end!
my cat watched me get ready for school today. then he drank out of my sink.
the end.
our cats should have a play date