Friday, February 11, 2011


CARAH FAYE IS BACK IN SHINY TOY GUNS!!!! Omg. Omg. I about peed of excitement. That trashy lame Pussycat Dolls replacement is gone. We Are Pilots was a work of art. I can't wait for more of that. LOVE. THEM!!
This is how they revealed it to the world. It gave me chillies.

Also, we now carry ANTHROPOLOGIE at my work!!!
And I also witnessed an old woman completely come out of her dressing room wearing only a bra and granny panties.
And I love this stuff. Addicted.

And I'm gonna see Phantom tonight. I am stoked. My family and all the Busby's will be there. Plus Evan. PARTY.
And ACE GATHERING on Saturday!!
So much goodness this week.

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Mallory and Hannah said...

do you work at the downeast that jessica crosby works at?
because once i think i saw you there. not creepin'.
getting hired there is my latest goal :)