Wednesday, February 2, 2011

day 9: what i beweave

WELL. I believe in God and Jesus Christ and that everything good and happy in the entire world comes from Them. And that They love me and each one of you and answer prayers and look out for us. And that They are EVERYWHERE. In all good things.
I believe if we follow what They want us to do, we will be so blessed. And everything They want us to do will protect us and make us happy. It is completely win-win. I love Them.
I believe people are put into our lives to help us grow and make us happy, and that things happen to us to make us stronger.
I believe we'll see people that are dead again someday.
I believe in luuurve and I believe it's the best thing in the world and can change anything for the better.
And I DON'T believe in coincidences. It all happens for a reason.

I also believe in capital punishment, that petting animals is therapeutic, that spiders were sent from HELL, and that aliens exist. Among other things.

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