Tuesday, March 1, 2011

day 24: waterworks

What makes me cry. Not very many things do..
Movies and books in which people die. Like PS I Love You and Harry Potter and Inkheart. I also bawled my eyes out after reading Where The Red Fern Grows and Shiloh. I get attached to characters like nobody's business.
I cry when I am super super nervous and stressy-excited at the same time and I cry when I'm embarrassed. If I am in certain moods, certain songs will get me.
And there have been I think 5 times in my life where I have been so happy that I have cried. Not counting all the times that I have cried from laughing too hard.
I also cried forever when Steve Irwin died and I cried when Sanjaya got voted off American Idol. (Does anyone even remember him?) How embarrassing.

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Diana said...

i LOVED sanjaya. i'm glad someone else was depressed when he left.