Tuesday, March 15, 2011

forget aliens. earthquakes. a massive meteor.

Have you seen this? How have I not heard of this until last week???

Well, the world has got to end sometime. I say it might as well go out with a bang and end with a zombie apocalypse.

On Sunday we went skiing and it was quite sunny. My face is sizzled. There is a cute thick red line on my forehead where my googles and hat weren't covering. Raccoon eyes to the max. If one more thing goes wrong with my face this week I will just wear a paper bag over my head.

ST. GEORGE/VEGAS tomorrow. Things I am most stoked for: 1. NO SCHOOL 2. Quality Ace time and 3. SHOPPING.
H&M and I will be beeeest friends. I've had my eye on you.


^And big rings.




jessie said...

H&M is the greatest thing. Best thing about Vegas in my opinion. You will love it.

court said...

i just bought my prom dress at H&M. it was great.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Ooooh my best friend actually got me that big turquoise ring from H&M. I super heart H&M and Forever 21. =)