Saturday, June 25, 2011


So you know how we got our precious new kitty? Well she got sick. Sneezing and hacking and lethargy and such. So I took her to the vet to get her looked at. And the doctor is examining her. He starts prodding her belly and then says, "She's pregnant." Oh.
I am still shocked, because she is still so little, and how on earth could the shelter have missed that? It looks like we got a killer deal. Ten cats for the price of one! And we have never had a girl pet before and therefore have never had to experience the miracle of catbirth. I am bloody excited.
So, we will have kittens in a month or two. Seriously a dream come true. You are all invited to come on over and have a heart attack from kitten overload.

yes. Yes. YES. BE EXCITED.


Mallory said...

gosh dangit these pictures and this kitty are way cute. so adorable. ah. but too bad when they are older and vomit all over your carpet, like my cat. :(

Nicole said...

oh. my. gosh. i want to come visit your kitty. scratch that. i NEED to come visit your kitty. and i want to be there when she gives birth. that's all.

lissa kate said...

i'm obsessed with everything about this kitten. name please? also, you better be inviting me over when they are babies. except i might steal them all.