Thursday, July 21, 2011


Ten secrets.

1. I have never dyed my hair. (Way too much maintenance)

2. I think if I was a boy I would be the best boyfriend ever.

3. I used to sleepwalk all over town. Nah, just my house. And I would cry while I did it.

4. When I am home alone I have all sorts of conversations with my pets.

5. Sometimes rap music really hits the spot.

6. I think Jake Gyllenhaal is a flawless human being.

7. I hate people that are shy. I have no patience for you if you are shy. If you are funny or crazy I will like you. No matter what.

8. I like doing most everything alone. With the exception of one ginger.

9. I adore hearing people's love stories and, I can't help myself, I love gossip. (But I can keep a secret, I promise.)

10. I wish I lived in an MGMT music video.

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