Monday, July 18, 2011


Ahh, let's relive a few prized moments from that magical movie that we all loved and saw this weekend one to several times.

Snape. Everything about all of that was perfect. Especially his last words. Oh how I cried.
When Hermione stabs the horcrux and they finally kiss.
Voldemort hugged Malfoy. Ahhhhaahahahahah.
McGonagall. I have never loved her so much.
When a Death Eater flies in through the window at Kingsley, and he freezes him in midair and blasts him back out the window.
Neville slicing the snake's head off.
When the teachers start preparing defenses for the castle. I had the nervous shakes through that whole thing.
When Snape is threatening the students and Harry walks out.
When Voldemort dies, and how vile and terrible he looks. But he's finally gone.
Oh, and the 3D glasses were round like HP glasses.

Of course the list is never ending. It may be my favorite movie out of the 8. I felt all lonely and sad after it was over, but now I am just content. It couldn't have been a more perfect end, and that's that.

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