Monday, August 1, 2011


Yesterday Chris and I went on a drive to Brighton because it is glorious in the summer and you can climb all the way on top of the ski lifts and perch on top, and Sunday drives are kind of our thing. His car started dying so we didn't make it to Brighton but we made it to Solitude. We didn't walk around a ton but it was still beautiful. And wet, cause it was rainy, which was even cooler.

Then his parents came and helped us fix his car. It was all alright. And a good adventure.

And remember this frame??

When I got home my mom had finally crafted on it what we had been wanting to do for ages.

It is hung on my wall in my bedroom. She put quilt batting underneath the fabric (luxurious teal velvet) so it is all puffy, and I can stick earrings and pushpins in it. It's quite brilliant. Thanks mom.

We also made Twix cupcakes worthy of a fine confectionery and a king's taste buds, started season 5 of Lost, and cleaned a whole lot. It was fun.

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