Friday, January 13, 2012

we're drawing this way out.

i know it's late, (i opened my last christmas presents today so.....technically christmas is only officially over for me today) but here are my favorite christmas gifts.

last eragon book from my brother, which i can't wait to read.

only the best movie ever from my dear pal rachel (my secret santa) which i forced chris to watch with me and he kept calling me "mrs. darcy" for about two hours straight afterwards in a pompous old british man accent

the funniest, sexiest, cutest, best calendar EVER from my bestie sharon. HELLO, two of my estrogen-powered favorite THINGS! don't worry, you will all be getting monthly updates of the new picture from that month. and don't worry, they are all JUST as tantalizing (and ridiculous) as the front cover.

and prolly my very favorite thing......these steve maddens i had been obsessing over for weeks and weeks which were gifted unto me from the world's best boyfriend, mr. chris busby. i love them so much i want to sleep with them on. carl likes them a lot too.

and my parents brought me to harry potter world for christmas which was my other favorite present. thanks mom & daaad!

also i made chris a pretty rad blanket for christmas. it took many hours to complete but i loved doing it and i wrapped it in a gigantic tube of white butcher paper and he loves loves loves it. it is red orange black white and turquoise and it's real warm.

check out how much of a housewife i am.
merry christmas! for the final time.

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