Sunday, March 25, 2012


today i am no longer a teeeeeeeen!! i'm a real live adult! and my birthday was wonderful!
i slept in. real late. then my family, chris and i partook of some scrumptious buffalo wild wings. my mom made my favorite cake ever and i broke my sugar fast for just a day and man was it good. chris and i then proceeded to race to the nearest theater and see hunger games again, because we just can't get enough. is it awkward that he loves katniss and i love peeta? and we are perfectly okay with it? i wonder about it.

then we made more terrariums. this time they were way better cause home depot finally has succulents.

now i am in my warm cozy bed about to read a few chapters of catching fire. it's the best life. thanks for the birthday wishes e'eryone.

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