Monday, March 19, 2012

break of spring

did i mention that i had one killer spring break?

right after work on saturday chris and i hopped in the beetle and drove all the way to st. g (the g stands for giselle) along with the rest of utah county, and we sang the entire way down. upon arrival my bffs took care of us and fed us pizza.
then we ate lasagna on the floor.

then we did a beeeauuuutiful cliff hike

and we did the crack

and went to dixie rock

with lots of swimming, sunburns, rowdiness, apples to apples, eating food, climbing on rocks, sleeping on weird surfaces, gigantic pancakes, jokes, laughs, and especially mischief mixed in.

then we came back tuesday night. not long enough.

on thursday, the gang went to cafe rio and played games at lindsey's afterwards. such a tradition.

on friday, chris and i saw sherlock holmes.

on saturday, we ate mexican food for the 27th time that week and took a shopping trip to SLC, and watched some good ol' bear grylls.

on sunday, we put a leopard coat on my dog which he wore proudly around the house for hours and chris sat through pretty little liars with me and we ate MORE MEXICAN FOOD and i completely reorganized my room - so happy bout that.

IT WAS GREAT. and not long enough. come on guys, only a month left!!!!!

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