Wednesday, March 21, 2012

i'm it.

thanks kelsey.
1. post rules of the game so no one gets lost.
2. post a photo and 11 random things about yourself.
3. answer questions that were given you by tagger.
4. ask some questions for those you tag to answer
5. tag some people to do this all over again.

baby carl kills me.

11 things about me
1. sometimes when i'm feelin' fancy i will wear red lipstick.
2. i'm deathly afraid of giant catfish. and other watery lurkers. but mostly catfish
3. i could spend allllllllllllll day in an aquarium. when i'm old, i will.
4. i like well dressed men. bowties. cardigans. oxfords. the works.
5. when i was a youngin i used to put our cat freddie into a little toy shopping cart that i had and cart him around.
6. i have a terrible habit of always always having to finish stuff after i start them.
7. i am a really good whistler.
8. my life revolved around pokemon when i was little.
9. favorite treat ever: chocolate covered marzipan.
10. i am dying to live on the oregon coast for the rest of my life.
11. i'm terrible at physical sciences and excel at english, yet my major is biology. bit problematic.

the q & a:
1. early worm, or night owl?
ohhh night owl. last night was the first time i went to bed before midnight in soooo long.

2. celebrity crush?
jake gyllenhaal, jude law, ryan gosling. and rachel mcadams. love her.

3. favorite book(s)?
harry potter. hunger games. eragon series. then so many other cheesey series. you have no idea.

4. whats your perfect day?
maybe it's waking up in a cozy tent by a lake in some green far off mountains. or waking up in a beach house and playing in the sun and tide pools all day long. or perhaps skiing on a bluebird day and coming home to game night with my best friends. really any day with no school and work, filled with boyfriend and good people, probably some cafe rio and some 70 degree weather.

5. favorite memory?
between all the vacations, christmases, times with my family and times with my best friends, and cute boyfriend things, that is impossible to choose.

6. which house would you be sorted in? gryffindor, hufflepuff, ravenclaw & slytherin.
i'm thinking ravenclaw. although i'd love to be a gryffindor.

7. braids or ponytail?
braids. i can't figure out how to make ponytails not awkward on me.

8. if you could be any age, what would you be & why?
20, right where i am now, because of all that i've learned and been through and all that is still to come

9. how do you like your eggs?
scrambled and swimming in franks hot sauce

10. dream job?
anything with animals. a vet.

11. if you could say one thing to the world what would it be?
be nice to each other.

my qs:
1. what band/s did you grow up on?
2. name three things that would be in your worst nightmare.
3. if your wedding was tomorrow, what would it be like?
4. what is your favorite band, album, song?
5. kiss, date, dump: jake gyllenhaal, channing tatum, jude law. choose wisely.
6. what are your two favorite names for a boy and a girl?
7. if you had unlimited money, where would you travel in the world?
8. what is the funniest video you have seen on youtube?
9. describe your ideal MAN.
10. what is your fashion weakness? (i.e. you love shoes)
11. give us a favorite quote.

i hereby tag the following:

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