Friday, March 16, 2012

i've succumbed.

BIG NEWZ: just kitten has gone tumblr! it's probably going to be a load of nonsense and more pictures of cats but that's cool right? here she is.

one more thing: while i was browsing tumblr trying to figure the dang thing out i stumbled across this gem. all it is is pictures of cats with money. go ahead. take a look. you are so, so welcome.

(ps. last night i showed chris cashcats while we were hanging out with some friends and he rolled his eyes at me and said "oh my gosh mal" like he does whenever i show him anything that has to do with cats. especially around other people. and then later that night he told me he wanted to look at it again, and i said "what! i thought you hated that!" and he said "i don't. not really. i just didn't know how to tell you that i liked it." hahahahhahahaha)

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