Sunday, July 8, 2012

uh huh. another random post.

justa couple things.....from world's worst bloggette over here....

i spent last weekend in kansas. i'm sure you're asking why on earth would anyone want to go to hot muggy flat buggy kansas? well, insert witty wizard of oz pun here. also, my cousins live there. they are the bomb. i'm the oldest kid in my family. so they all kinda love me and want to hold my hand all the time and stuff. well, one of them does. sophie is 11 and she's absolutely nuts. i love her spunk. when we played apples to apples she pronounced "tobacco companies" as "taco bell companies" and when we explained to her that unscrupulous means weird and messed up she said "yeah like when someone pees in a bush." and she referred to my cousin's authentic cowgirl lasso as a "rodeo string". endless laughs.

also, the new job is great. in a nutshell, i'm working with a law firm selling credit repair over the phone to people all over the country who need it real bad. we've been on the phones for two weeks now and i've already got some priiime stories. here is an example of one of my calls from last week.
me: "hi, is this richard?"
"naaaahhhh man he's STONED."
"he's WHAT?"
"he is BAKED!!" (i'm laughing uncontrollably)
"okay sir! is there a time when i can call back?"
"just try callin' back when he ain't flyin to the moon!!! (insane laughing)"
"k i'll do that! have a good one!"
i was crying with laughter. if only you could have heard this obviously high gentleman and his ebonics.

but..the best/worst call yet happened yesterday:
i'm just going along, telling this guy about credit and he goes
"uh, you sound really hot."
i'm like oh...hah..thanks. and just keep going. what else am i supposed to do! then i say
"i just need to verify your information. i have your phone number is blah blah blah"
"yeah go ahead and write my number down. write it down. go on. text me later. you sound really cute. write it down."
i just say "hah...i'll think about it." and keep on going just to get the call over with.
and then i tell him that i just need to transfer him over to some other people and he goes "no no no. not until you write my number down. do it!! write it down! and my email too, email me!"
so i finally just said sorry i can't and he hung up on me. what a freakin creep.

oh and on fourth of july i made (patriotic) crepes and saw spiderman and lazed around allll day, if you were wondering.

it's been pretty good.

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