Monday, May 10, 2010

gooey drippy warm stuff

Happy ten fourteen post meridian o'clock chummettes. Today I did something that I never do. And that is stay home from school. This morning at 3 AM I woke up because I couldn't stop coughing. AND I COULDN'T STOP FOR THREE HOURS. My abs are achingachingaching from coughing so much and that has never happened to me. Also, my voice is almost completely gone. That has only happened once that I can remember in my whole life. KILL ME NOW!!!!!!!! It is that insane tickle in your throat that WON'T LEAVE. I hate you, viruses and pathogens. Also snot, because my head is filled with it and is making me feel like my eyes are popping out like those weird black people on Ripley's Believe It Or Not that can make their eyeballs come out.
So, thanks a lot to my 8 friends and boyfriend who were ALL sick in the past couple weeks. I guess this is what I get for hanging around sick girls all the time and kissing a sick mouth.
I am off to bed. Hopefully the NyQuil kicks in. It better be worth it for having to swallow that nuclear waste of a medicine. Oh. Just now I started feeling all sweaty and hot. Something happened!! Guhbye.

Ps. Hopefully my posts stay this useless for this entire blog!!!!!! Right? Right?
Pps. This is me right now.
Yep. Black and red shirt and everything.


Lindsey said...

I was not one that got you sick.
I've avoided that bug.

Mal said...

You'll get it soon. S'not over yet! Heh. heh heh. Did you get my pun.