Monday, May 24, 2010

tomorrow always happens yesterday

I am in love with this CD rih now.

Circa Survive. Blue Sky Noise. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Anthony Green's voice could lull me happily to my death, probably.

Also, the yearbook shindig was fabulous. All of today was fabulous. I love being with Lindsey and Ham, and Rachel and Aleexxxx. I love super salty chips and salsa and super slushy Coke slushies. I absolutely positively love Christopher and how he just never stops being perfect. Never stops never stops never stops. I love Alex Lund and how he sticks his tongue out and smiles at me with squinty eyes. Bahaha. I love ice cream cone shaped pens/lip gloss. If you want one, come find me. I love nice things that people write in my yearbook. I love Fern Gully and singing the songs from it wuff Jade. I can't wait for tomorrow. I get to dress up as a hot vampire. For the second time.
Pictures to come.
I love you all.


Lindsey said...

I love your surprise presents. I'm tempted to wear sparkly eye liner, but what if I get cast as a wolf??
I still need a part in this hur movie.
You forgot to add that you love it when Walter gives you salty cheeups.
I love YEW!!
see yaz tomorrow.

meg. said...

"oh, hello" is my favorite by Circa Survive.
just so you know.

Megham said...