Saturday, May 29, 2010

gradgeeeeation and all of its delights

The week of gradgeeation was prooobably the funniest of my life. I am so sad it's over, but ecstatic for summer and feel so LIBERATED! You want to see highlights? Well, here you go.

It snowed. Hard. And Alexis left her winder open. (heh heh heh)

Then we ate icees.

And signed yearbooks.

Then I loved Kelsey so much.

Then we went to Lagoon.

Then we saw this. Approximately seven muffin tops in different areas on one person? I do believe we have a record, ladies and gentlekids! And fresh sweat tacos with a circumference of about a foot below the armpit? ANOTHER RECORD!!

Then we rode this and held on to each other's chairs and taco muffin top woman scolded us and we made fun of her.

Then we rode this ride and got SPIT ON by SHARKS and SPIT ON BY WHALES and SPIT ON BY DOLPHUNS!!

Then we saw this. And laughed

Then we saw a group of thespians which included Edward Cullen with a butt chin.

Then Alexis's shoe broke. Then we tried to fix it with dental floss and everything else that Rachel (mom) had in her pack pack (which was pretty much an entire house). We failed.

Then we saw this. And laughed

Then we dressed up to get our picture taken.

Then they dressed up as harlots. Beautiful harlots.

Then they took our picture. And everything is funny in it.

Then we ate ice cream.

Then this was awkward.

Then Lindsey made a toast to Kathy Philibus by eating ice cream that was her very favorite color.

Then we stared at this and said "ouuuuuuuuuuuch" over and over. Poor Linzo

Then Hannah did this.

Then we got soaked. And I hated it.

Then we scraped all the skin off our bumbs doing this.

Then we lost our pants.
And I looked like a hidous boy scout and I didn't even care that much.

Then this happened and we died laughing.

Then we got terrified on the Terroride.

Then we went to the Senior Sunset and drew Sistow Wendy Beckett with chalk.

Then someone did this, and we laughed.

Then I loved a ginger.

Then we had a good time just friends hangin out having a good time and laughing together and hanging out.

Then Matt James cried.


Then me and my mom did this.

Then Crusby sqeezed me 'cause he was proooud.

Then it was official. YIPPPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we went to the all-nighter and never laughed so hard before. And then we let loose because we were never going to see these dumbheads again. just kidding

Then we smoked hypothetical cigs and did grape lady.

Then we ate Costa Vida.

Then Sammi was Eve like Adam and Eve.

Then this happened.

Then me and Lindsey were really, really cool.

Then we loved the panoramic pirate and said "PUT YER TONGUE IN!!!!!!"

Then Brittany shook her thang like you have never seen anyone shake their thang.

Then we went to sleep. And maybe, just maybe, we coughed and it made us fart. Maybe that was just one of us. Maybe that was Kelsey. And maybe we laughed all night because of it.

Tip o' the cap to the last week of high school ever, and gradgeeation. You were the greatest. xoxoxox


meg. said...

i probably love you people a lot and wish we would have been friends a long time ago because now you people are all gone.
i feel nauseous.

Lindsey said...

Maybe this post made my cry.
Ok maybe this post made me burst into tears because it's extremely late and I'm trying not to be loud, but that is nearly impossible because this was far too funny.
Best week ever. I will miss some of high school, but mostly our fun times like these.
They better continue.

p.s. the word verification on this post was "dogrod" someone is getting a new nickname.

Alexis said...

coution: Do not read with full bladder!

haaha This made me laugh sooo hard! i loved it! and i already miss it!!! :(
This really was the best week ever.
and i agree with Lindseh. The fun better continue.