Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a tribute to the ace gang.

I have had the same best friends since seventh grade.
Some even sooner. Some have been added, some were subtracted, but the best ones have been with me basically forever. Since life started to matter. AND I LOVE THEM. So, so, so much. They bring out the best in me. They make me laugh endlessly. They make me smile when I think of them. They are always there. They are all different. They are fantastic. They are beautiful. They are clever. They understand. They know what matters. They are my sisters. Here's to you guys. I freaking love you.

Alexis (Alexxxxxxxxx)

Sarcastic. Hilarious. Clever. Gorgeous. That is Alexis. She used to be a cheerleader, and we will make sure she never forgets it. Through her broootal cheerleading regime she developed massive guns and can beat just about any boy at arm wrestling. Girl power! I am so happy that I've gotten to know her better over this past year. She is really calm and down-to-earth and I love that about her. I know she had some really scary stuff happen with her family this year but you might've never known it because she held composure so well. I know she is probably like that with everything she goes through. It is so admirable. I love how tough she is. I want to be like that. Cheerleader.

Ham (Megham. Meghan.)

Ham is absolutely, positively one of the most truly caring and sweet girls I've ever known. She's the one that's been my friend since elementary school. She is my ventee; I vent all of my problems to her. And she does the same for me. And we love it. We understand everything the other is going through and help each other out. If you need a favor, Ham would be more than willing to help you out. If you need a hug, Ham is there to throw her arms around you. She also has had some rocky times with her family and I just cannot believe how well she's handled it. It is incredible. I doubt many of us could go through what she has and still be as happy and wonderful as she is. We love, love, love texting each other about books and sharing books and talking about books. Books books books. I adore that we share this obsession. We are such nerds and I love it!! She is native, and her moon ceremonies and traditions and everything fascinate me. It is so cool! She is so silly too. She makes faces in pictures that are the kind that you don't notice til later and when you do you laugh your bum off. Gosh just writing this makes me want to give her a big hug. I love you Ham. "Oh you noble meat." - Jade

Hannah (Duh)

Oh hey Hannah. Remember that one time when we worked at Sonic together and Justin taught us everything that we didn't need or want to know, and now we don't let each other forget it? Remember how we pulled up to work one time and sat in the car and thrashed our arms around like fools to Tech N9ne for a whole song while everyone watched us from the door? Remember how we used to be in Spanish together and walked past French Fry and sniffed her to see if she really smelled like french fries? (Confirmation: She did.) Remember how we spent a whole dance once making up mind-blowing dance moves? Remember when we were obsessed with Angus Thongs and sewed our very own furry shorts with lederhosen? Remember when you put Anthrax in my mailbox once? Remember how we LOVE Shiny Toy Guns and MGMT? Remember how we went to Hosa competition and kicked ARSE? Remember how we went to St. George and walked around with cleaning supplies and killed ants? Remember how we are obsessed with cats and send each other pictures of our beloved felines regularly? Remember how we take yearly trips to the Gateway just for the H of it, and how we take monthly trips to Forever 21 cause we are addicted? Remember how you make me laugh SO HARD because we are disgusting and hilarious, and you are my best friend ever, and I love you? pen fifteen Oh and you also have the coolest style ever.

Jade (Jerd)

Jade = funniest person. On. The. Planet. Every single friggen time I see her or talk to her, she does something that makes me laugh my head off. The comics she makes. How she puts R's into every word and makes it all breathy in honor of Creed. The movies we make and the parts she plays in them. Every picture taken of her, no matter what we're doing, she's doing something totally ridiculous, unexpected, and hysterical. She makes pretty much all of her own clothes. That is so cool to me. She made these sandals that are honest to goodness Jesus sandals because they are made of rope twisted up. Only she could pull off all of these things. She is a class of her own. I don't know if anyone has ever gotten mad at Jade for anything, because she is so nice and perfect and funny to everyone. She is a fantastic artist with such a unique style. I could pick it out anywhere. She knows all the cheesey Disney movies and TV shows so well. It's just great. And she remembers things from years ago that are so funny, and when she randomly brings it up it makes you laugh so hard. And she's so innocent. Thank goodness. She really tones us down and we need that. Gee, I don't know what I'd do without Jerd. Yeeeearrrrrrrrrrh.

Kelsey (Kelso, Annrue)

The great thing about Kelsey, and I'm sure a lot of my friends have noticed this, is that whenever you tell her something, no matter what it is, she gets so excited about it. And it makes you feel SO GOOD. Example.
"Kelsey, I got the cutest shirt yesterday."
"NO WAY! You have to wear it tomorrow! You have to show me! That is so awesome!!!"
And then she'll ask you a million questions about it. And you will feel so dern cool and sooo dern important. One time I was driving in the car with her somewhere and the whole time she just asked me about my life and my relationships. Kelsey is just so, so nice and absolutely completely genuine. She is also hilaaaarious in a very blonde kind of way. There have been so many things she's said that are unbelievable. Another example.
"Kelsey, the devil's coming for you!"
"Who's the devil?"
We make fun of her for these types of unfortunate blurts all the time. And she just laughs. Such a good sport. To be, she is one of the most entertaining friends I've ever had. I absolutely adore her, that Annruuuue! "It was THIS. BIG!!!"

Lindsey (Linzo)

Where to start, where to start..............hows about, I say, YASSSEAAHHH! Holy crud, everything I've ever done with Lindsey has been ridiculous, memorable, hilarious, dangerous, and worthy of many, many inside jokes. Lindsey is the one that EVERYONE wants to hang out with. She is the coolest and the funnest. That's it. That's just it. Going to Lake Powell, Park City, and St. George with her were definitely the most fun vacations I've ever been on. We love to sit and play Mario Cart for hours. Maybe we scream at the top of our lungs when we do it. We love to torment people of all ages. We love meeting all of her boy toys, and we love getting revenge after these stupid boys screw up. It never gets old. We love looking at pictures of her Prince Charming missionary, who isn't quite so stupid. (wink) We love watching Family Feud while eating PB&J at her house. We love to laugh and laugh and laugh. Her laugh is extremely contagious. She's the friend you tell all your secrets to. She's the friend that remembers little details about your life months later. She knows what's important to you and she'll make sure you know it. She is just fantastic. I hope she is my friend FOREVER because then my life will surely always have some party in it. Yassseuh.

Megan (Meggie Poo)

Number 1 favorite thing about Megan: When she gets excited or appalled and her voice jumps seven octaves. Other favorite thing about Megan: She is ginger. (!!!) Megan is a complete genius. She got through Calculus. That should give you an idea. She is also super cute. She is also really clever. She can lure in boys like drunken fish. It's quite amazing. She is always there, inviting me to things. I really like that. I just really like her. There isn't anything not to like. Her and Douggie = So cute it's almost sickening. I picture her growing up and living in a brick house and having adorable little ginger children. And she will wear an apron and make delicious food for her husband Douggie after she comes home from whatever she's doing that's making her flippin rich, and wear a pencil skirt. And I give her kudos because when I was going through our junior high photos, she is the only one that looks cute and normal. You guyyyyyvvvessss!

Rachel (Ratch, I will refrain from putting her other, most recent nickname on the internet.)

Rachel has probably been my closest friend for the longest. She is an AMAZING friend. There have been times when we've just cried with each other, and just sat and talked for hours. She is so smart about relationships and stuff; I've gotten some of the best advice from her. If there's something bugging you, she wants to know what it is so she can help you out. I love telling her stories because she laughs so hard at them. Makes me feel really neat. She's another one with a super infectious laugh. Having Animal Science and Horticulture with her in school was fantastic. I mean, I discovered an aunt I never knew I had. Some of our art projects (I will remind you that these were not art classes) were mindblowing. And we made plenty of people hate us, but whatever. I can see her being my best friend forever. Totally. And I have to say, she makes the best Muddy Buddies EVER. I loooovee heeeerrrrrr. I know, I know. Lesbian.

Sharon (Charon)

Sharon is mom. She is all of our moms. Always fixing stray hairs and brushing off shirts and giving hugs and what not. She genuinely cares about all of us so dang much. She is always telling me and Ham to come live at her house in all seriousness. It's really, really sweet. She is so dang bubbly, I just love it. All the memories I have of her are her giggling. She always ALWAYS puts a smile on my face. She sings all the time (Justin Beaver and Jo Bros) and does this chonga dance that is so funny. Someday she will teach me how to do it right. She is going to be such an incredible mom someday. She will have twenty kids and love them and play with them every day. I just know it. I also know that she is going to marry Usher, and Nick Jonas. And they will like it. Sharon, I will sing you Creed lullabies every night if you want. I luuuurve you. Even when you wear flip flops with socks. To school.

I wonder if there have ever been 9 bridesmaids at one wedding. Well there will be at mine.

I love you all. YASSEEAHH and xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxxooxoxoxxoo


Megham said...

OH MAL!!! I love you very much!! To be this made me cry, I'm going to miss everyone, even though they are going to miss out on the cool things we will be doing

Lindsey said...

You have everyone down to a "T"
We need to do one about you though.

Mallory (mal pal),
Mallory is the one that never turns down ideas. She is the one that always has the funny jokes that turn into eternal inside jokes.She is the one that dresses extremely cute, erry-day. Mallory always has something nice to say about everyone, She sticks up for everyone. It is impossible to NOT have fun when you're with Mallory. She is one of the few people that sees the good in everyone. She is also very smart, books and streets. We ALL love her =]

This really was awesome mal. I am going to miss everyone too, but just remember, everyone is based here. We've all got to come back sooner or later!