Monday, June 7, 2010

hipster schmipster

I completely love the photo on the cover of the new Urban Outfitters catalog.

So cool.

I don't care if they are crazy, cliche, hipster, or weird. I freaking love that store. I love the style of it and the weirdness and the artsyness and the crazy crazy photography in every catalog. I keep them for inspiration. I got Chris hooked on UO. He is the finest dressed gent around.
And, they have cat things galore.

I just bought this bank. Slowly turning my room vintage, one step at a time.

I NEED this. Buying it now.

Might buy this clock too.

It is Monday night, and I love cats and Urban Outfitters. My life. Right thurr.

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Hairica said...

I works thayur noa