Sunday, June 6, 2010

lazy sunday

Today...was a wonderful day.
I cleaned a lot. Which i really like to do sometimes. And our house was a wreck from all the basement cleaning. It is just a relief to not live in a pig's sty anymore. Minus the mud and feces.
I went to Costco. Boy oh boy I love me a free sample & some parmesan artichoke dip.
I showered.
I went to Crusby's. His whole family was there. I love them all.
I brought Crusby's family five giant boxes of scrapbooking stuff that we'd cleaned out of our basement. They were so, so happy.
I played bocce ball with the Busbys.
I listened to my new Vampire Weekend CD. Giving Up the Gun = favorite song rih now.
I watched the lightning from Chris's front porch.
Then I read this horrid thing on Bookface. If you'd like to read something and get really angry, go to Jake Hale's facebook page and read his post about modest girls. I hate some boys. I hope no one reads that and tries to change themselves. Boys like that have STD's. That is just the truth. And they don't care an ounce about women; they don't consider them to be human, more or less. There are wonderful, sweet, kind boys out there who love you for who you are and would do anything just to see your smile, not a naked picture of you.
So, Bryson Pennock, have fun with your gonorrhea.
It is a relief to me that there are wonderful boys like Chris in the world to make me not want to go lesbian.


Nicole said...

yup, your right.
that sure did make me angry.
it's sad that he will probably never know wrong he is though.

Lindsey said...

Steve stevenson also has the same outlook on life. Right fuhlex?
Good boys are prime. And we need to go find stationary asap. I am running out rather quickly.

Mallory said...

barnes and noble. today.

ps. verification word was "swinsty"