Saturday, June 5, 2010

sue the spiders, sink the welsh, stab your facebook, sell sell sell!


It was so absolutely utterly incredible.

First this odd band played that sounded a lot like The Beetles and Black Moth Super Rainbow. They were all plastered and they were zombies. It was sick. So sick.

Boy or girl? We couldn't figure it out. I also cannot disclose the name of their band because they forgot to mention it. Good one, guys.

Anyways, after far too much waiting and excessive sweating, MGMT came on. I didn't think I would get as excited as I did. I screamed and screamed and screamed. I love them.

This is Annrue Vanwyngarden. He is adorable. And has a splendid name. (Ok ok his first name is Andrew.)

He sang so good live. Just like the albummmmmm.

Ben Goldwasser. Another awesome name. He was far away :C

Everyone did chanting for ONE MORE SONG after they finished up with Brian Eno (ahhhh I adore that song). They came out. Screams! Then Annrue said "Oh, we're not going to play one more song. We're going to play three more songs." And they played Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters, Congratulations, and of course, Kids. So perfect.

Probably my favorite concert ever.
I am super glad because it was also my brother Wyatt's first show ever. He had a blasty blast. Such a good first show.
I went with Hannah, Lindsey, Crusby, Mike Van Dijk, Captain Morgan, and his girlie Melanie also.

sorry the pictures are so blurry and crap quality


Lindsey said...

So much fun! Wyatt should be proud that was his first show. My first concert was kind of a lame one.

Mallory said...

what was your first concert? mine was shiny toy guns :)

Lindsey said...

I'm kind of sad to even admit it.
The Fray.
it wasn't terrible. but I should have lost my concert virginity to something awesome. It was also Alexis' first and only concert

Mallory said...

oh i remember you used to loove them. ee's okay. my first concert was ALMOST fall out boy..........sometimes my mother's paranoia is a good thing. like when she didn't let me go to it.