Wednesday, July 21, 2010


This afternoon I cleaned my room.
Made my bed.
Played with my cat.

He was in one of his insane run-all-over-the-house moods. He kept running out from under my bed and pouncing on my feet. Any time I moved. He wanted the camera string so bad.

Of course sometimes he wins.
Catlike reflexes.

If anyone ever tells you that cats are boring, don't listen to them.
They are dirty liars.
When I was taking this^ picture I was giggling like a maniac for about ten minutes. He is the greatest. Here are the list of fun and entertaining things that you can find at my house. In order.

1. My cat
2. Xbox.

Gary is a winner.
Everyone loves him.


Lindsey said...

That last picture is oober creepy.
His eyes are massive.
Also you should add to this, "If Lindsey likes him, everyone will."

Hairica said...

I yub this. This is how my kitty is. I have pictures just like these. :)