Monday, July 5, 2010

the hills are alive

So. Did anyone else see the terrific fire on the mountain yesterday night?
We were at Crusby's uncle's playing cards and someone shot off a huge firework and we looked outside and there were huge flames on the hillside. Then we called the fire department. And it got bigger.
Then it got smaller like the people that were running around up there were managing to put bits of it out. I couldn't see anything though except the fire. I can't wait to get Lasik.
Then the firetrucks came rolling in and put it out.
It was exciting.
Fourth of July always is kind of a bum holiday for me but this year it was good.
I hope yours was too.
And for your viewing pleasure, here are some witty comics.

Toothpaste for dinner


Nicole said...

i like the diabetic one.

Sharon.Ovalle.♥. said...

Hahaha. This reminds me of our friends.

Mallory said...

the diabetic one was just for you nicole