Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Best week ever: Commence.

Day One. Tuesday. Woke up at 3:30 in the morning, packed the car, left.

Went through St. Sleeze. This is for you, Lindsey.

Chris drove allllllll the way to Las Vegas on two hours of sleep. What a trooper! Look how happy he is about it.

We laughed at the "Thunder Down Under" signs in Vegas. Well, I laughed, and Chris looked disgusted.
Then Chris's dad took over driving and we slept and entertained ourselves with nonsense. For five more hours. So fun.

We drove through Chris's old neighborhood in San Bernardino. It was 105 degrees. And kinda ghetto. But neat!
Finally we made it to the hotel and walked straight to Disneyland.

Thar she blows!!

We went to CaLiAdVeNtUrE excuse me CALIFORNIA Adventure first. Thar's Katie and Felix entering the gate.......EXCITEMENT.


First ride: Monster's, Inc. Baby Felix lurved it.
Then we rode Tower of Terror. My favorite. Then we went over to Disneyland. Chris and I stayed until midnight. Then went straight to sleep. Verrry tired.

Day Two. Wednesday. Seven a.m., showered, ate, went straight to Disneyland.

We rode Pinocchio first.

In line for the Casey Jr. train. Everyone is lurking.

"Sometimes, babe, my collar just pops. I can't stop it. It's genetic babe."
We love making fun of people.

Applying plenty of sunscreen to the sensitive ginger skin.

Then we got giant ice creams. I told you we would. It's my favorite. Mocha almond sundae. So delicious.

Then we rode Small World. I loved it.

Group picture time. All the kids. Tabitha, Emma, Andrew, Hunter, moi, Chris, and Chris. Yep. There are 3 Chris Busbys. Mine's codename is Ginger in case of confusion.

E'ryone of the Busbys. +me.

Then Chris took me out to dinner at the Blue Bayou. The restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbeans ride. It was delish.

At the end of the night everyone leaves except for the young and spry. Such as me and Chris. So we walk on to all of the rides. No lines is so nice. So we went on Thunder Mountain. Another super favorite. And Space Mountain. And Matterhorn.

Then Chris begged me to go on Splash Mountain. To complete the 3 mountains. I am terrified of that ride. But he got me to do it of course. I zipped my jacket all the way up and put my hood on and scrunched it up and put the bag of expensive electronics inside it so I looked preggers, and screamed real hard. Then we went again. I kind of liked it. Especially the singing chuckens.

Day Three. Thursday. First we went to California Adventure. Tower of Terror. YES. California Screamin. Another yes. Soarin' Over California. Yes yes yes.

Applying lots and lots of sunscreen. In case you didn't know, gingers burn in one second of sun exposure.
Then we saw the Aladdin show. It was neat!

Toy Story Ride: Soo much fun. Guess who beat Chris by 50,000 points? This girl. I'm so good at that ride. Snapped this precious picture. Love it.

We looked for bears. Grizzlies, actually.

Aren't Chris's shoes funky? They're supposed to be really good for your feet. They got a lot of comments. It was funny.

The last ride we went on was Autopia at around 11:45 pm. There were so many psycho kids that kept slamming into each other and there was a crazy lady that kept trying to stay next to us on her track. And she kept yelling stuff at us. It was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. But it might have been because it was almost midnight and I was in the giggliest mood ever.

Day Four. Friday. We rode Indiana Jones. Which is in my top three faves. Then we rode Pirates multiple times. Such a good-smelling ride. Then my cameo necklace broke and flung off while on Haunted Mansion. I asked the ride attendants to look for it and they couldn't find it. So we rode it again. And I snatched it right up from where it had fallen. Heh.

When Chris gets a hold of anyone's camera, many pictures of butts will follow. My leg looks tan. Woooo!

Indiana Jonez. Chris fell asleep for a minute.

Then Chris got a spiffy new hat. I love it.

People watching at its absolute best. Here's Chris viewing the specimens intently.

Then we saw the World of Color extravaganza at California Adventure. We waited in line for an hour and a half cause we wanted to know if it was all it was hyped up to be. And it was. Soooooooo neat.

Toy Story. In water!


That fire was hooooooot.

Such a beaute. Oh. And we met the nicest Mexican woman ever whilst waiting in line. She was from Guatalahara and said that she recognized Chris because earlier he was feeding me apples and thought it was cute. We liked her.

Day Five. Saturday. The last day. We got up super early to be at the park at 7 am. It was foggy and overcast and we walked on to Space Mountain, Nemo, and the Matterhorn. Quite lucky!


We luuurve Matterhorn at 8 in the morning.

Indiana Jones with Eliza and Jude, Chris's awesome sister and brother in law. They are the coolest.

Oh and we found Michael Van Dijk on Soarin' Over California. It's actually Amelia Earhart but it's scary how much it looks like him.

Then we went on Splash Mountain for the last time. Chris really wanted to go in the front and got absolutely drenched. Poor guy, but he liked it! It is his very favorite ride.

He is sad because of his sunburned collarbones.

And there you have it. Falling in love all over again at Disneyland.

Day Six. Sundee. The long, grueling and depressing ride home. We slept a lot and I almost peed my pants. 30 Mississippi.

Then to top it off we saw this glorious sunset that everyone was flipping out over on Facebook. It's cool we got to see it too even though we were still far away.

When you thought it couldn't get any better, we saw a DOUBLE RAINBOW. ALL THE WAY

Chris just can't believe his eyes.

Glorious. Such a good way to end the trip. Actually me accidentally smacking Andrew's butt was probably the real trip ender.

It honestly felt like taking a trip away from the entire world that week. It was the GREATEST. I am so lucky.


meg. said...

This post made me so dang giddy inside. You probably should be married. Also, pirates is the best-smelling ride. I'm real glad you pointed that out.

Lindsey said...

1. Props on getting Blind man's Bluff on camera for meh.
2. You know what weird, out of place wall hanging of pirates in our kitchen? That's supposedly a Menu from when the Blue Bayou opened.
3. Looks like a blast, jealousy all the way.

-Kait- said...

I think my appendix just burst when I read your Mike Van Dijk/Amelia Earhart comment.

Sharon.Ovalle.♥. said...

Hhahaha i love you! And 30 Mississippis is a long time!

Megham said...

I love Chris's shoes!!! I just died of laughter just looking at them