Monday, August 2, 2010


Embarrassing moments. Not a category on my favorite things list. I try to stray as far as I can from any potential embarrassing situations. I'd say I do pretty good. You know how when people get traffic tickets or in car accidents, they say "Gosh dern, I was doing so good up until now." That is what I do. I've had a clean record of truly embarrassing moments for quite a while. Like probably a couple years. That streak has come to a sorry end.

So. Last night we were unloading the cars at Chris's house of all of our smelly luggage. And it was dark outside. I grabbed a bag of stuff and ran up to the house and Chris was inside on the stairs and had dropped something and was picking it up. And then I gave him a "move it" punch to the bum. Only it wasn't Chris. It was his brother Andrew. He turned around and just looked at me. And then I started laughing hysterically. Because since I couldn't melt into the ground, that's the only thing I could do.

And of course I had to tell Chris. And of course he told his whole family about the incident while Andrew was in the same room. And they all laughed at me.

I am turning red just thinking about it.


Lindsey said...

I bet you're glad his brother is home now!

Megham said...

Bahahhahh Well done Mallor, well done!!