Friday, August 20, 2010

Lake Powell.

I believe this post deserves a disclaimer. And it is as follows. Ye be warned; there are shockingly hideous pictures ahead. Ones that the rest of the world (bookface) are never allowed to see. Now here, in the comfort of my loving blog, you are lucky enough to look upon. Don't hate. Enjoy.

Us lovely young women known as the Ace Gang have this wonderful friend named Rachel Sprague. We love her. Her family has a house boat on Lake Powell. She invited all of us crazies to come stay on it for a week of merriment and nonsense for our senior trip and our last shebang before some of us went off to colleege. It was the funnest.


Tattoo tanlines are a MUST!

Never ending card games are also a MUST!

Like Wackee Six and Hand & Foot.

Hannah, lubing up the slide in the creepiest way possible so our bums won't stick.

It is no surprise that Sharon was always the last one asleep.

So, we played ultimate Spoons (where the spoons were in the water and we had to go off the slide and swim and fight to the death to get one). An accident waiting to happen right? Well Lindsey slipped and her foot went under the slide and her crotch got slammed. Ouch.

Rachel got a lil sunscreen in her mouth. Poor thing.

".....Could be worse."

Look at that Shmegma.

Now look at her sunburn.

Cliff jumping yasseahhh.

Erica's infamous towel thing.

Janimal and our dinner.

Sharon's weave gone hideously wrong.

The Bible. We watched the movie too. RESULT!

Someone snatched her blood and ran away!

All the little chuckens snug in their beds while visions of killers danced through their heads.
Scary story night. Yes.

Tubing and large fluffy morning hair.

We lurved jumping off these trees.

I did it.

Thank you Janimal, you saved us ALL!

Then he got this in return.

My chucken cup.

This is what we found in our cups every morning.


E'ryone got their nails done. Even the men. Especially the men.
Oh. Rachel's cousin Sam was the only boy there besides the two dads. How did he survive that week? I couldn't tell you.


And our beautiful crew is as follows.


The last night was full of hostility. A storm hit and everyone's stuff got drenched. Then we had to cram into the kitchen because it was the only dry place and Rachel was in a very bad mood. And Alexis and Lindsey wouldn't shut up and I had to sleep next to them.

Them: "Is Mallory snoring?"
"Heh, yeah, she is!"
Me, half asleep: "You guys are. EFFING. LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Hahahahaha BURRRPPPPPP"
"You guys are SO NASTY. I just farted and I'm airing it out towards you. Yep."

Then we fed carps bread while all of the poop was getting pumped out. Oh, and by the way, that whole week we were living in a port a potty. It smelled like poop ALWAYS.

They are the armpits of all sea chuckens and fishkind.

We caught one!

Then we tried to touch them. And then we saw a catfish and it made me sick.

And we cleaned a lot.

Everyone's favorite job.

Our color wheel.

I am very proud. On this trip there were no fights, no one got sick of each other, and (nearly) everyone was happy. Cheers, gang, to the most hilarious week of all. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Don't hate me for revealing these photos!

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