Wednesday, August 18, 2010

so long...

For those of you who are not yet graduated and still have one year left of high school...I am just a little bit jealous of you.

There is only one week left until I start college. I should probably be super excited but honestly, every time I think of it I am smacked with a brick of anxiety. I will surely be getting an ulcer from all this stress. Books are going to cost a bum load. And the homework might kill me. I pray that I can break my horrid habit of procrastination that plagued me senior year.

One of my Ace pals Lindsey just came over to bid me farewell (she's leaving for Dixie tomorrow morn) and I did not like it one bit. Right now it just makes me feel a bit sick but I know in a couple weeks I am going to be longing for my gerls.

And, there is so much to be excited for but I just can't seem to find the energy to be excited about it.

Growing up is weird.

On the plus side, MOCKINGJAY is out in SIX DAYS!!!! Midnight party at Barnes & Noble? You bet your sweet sugar buns, yes.

My legsh are TAN from Lake Powell! People, this is monumental.

And! Alexis has kittens. WHAT COULD BE BETTER?

Lake Powell post coming soon.

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Court J said...

Don't let college stress you out! I am starting my 3rd year this semester. It seems intimidating, but once you know where your classes are things are chill, and great! You will love college. But books do cost a grundle! It sucks!! I too am a procrastinator! It never ends.

Best of luck with school!