Wednesday, August 25, 2010

school: day 1.

Today was my first day of COLLEEGE. Bleh. How weird is that? I only had one class, the namesake of my major: Biology. It was wonderful to have to go to only one class.
As I REFUSE to pay EIGHTY DOLLARS on a student parking pass, I park in the free parking then take the free shuttle to the school, which takes about 5 minutes (many thanks to Chris for all the helpful college tips). The bus was filled to the brim with 20 year old boys and I could practically see the Axe in the air. It smelled like pure testosterone.
Got to class in no time at all (for free, did I mention?) And again, filled with 20 year old men. Not many cute ones. Bummer. I think there are 5 girls in my class. Not to worry, I still have 4 other classes to attend tomorrow!
Then I went home and worked at ten. First day: Success.

Aaand I fnished Mockingjay last night....I did it in one day so I wouldn't go crazy at school and work today not being able to read it. Someone PLEASE finish it, so I can talk to you about it?!?! I have mixed feelings. Was really disappointed about a few crucial parts. And I have never cried so much over a book. It wasn't the greatest, but I love the feeling you get when you read those books. It's impossible not to get it. I am super sad it's over and can't stop thinking about it. Critique?


Batash said...

Give me ten minutes and I'll be done. Had to get on here for the sake of my sanity. And to stop crying over fictional characters.

Jenna said...

finished it. and i feel the exact same way. i loved it, i hated it.

but i must say the first two were extremely better and much more entertaining. though i did like the third, it was quite intense. i just wish it would've gone a little differently in some aspects.