Monday, August 23, 2010

the unsatisfiable HUNGER.

I've got it. Reeeal bad. Ever since I finished Catching Fire back in April I've had a crazy need for more, more, MORE. And that insane longing for more Hunger Games will finally be satisfied TONIGHT....with Mockingjay. I feel like I'm Katniss in the first book, searching for water, so so thirsty, and I can see the lake ahead of me. My thirst shall be QUENCHED!!!!! And the almighty question shall be answered: Peeta or Gale?

I truly cannot decide.

I love Peeta because, as a female, how can I NOT? He is absolutely irresistible. So sweet, soooo loving, SO cute, unwavering in luuuurve. I know I'm not alone when I say I got butterflies reading about his adorableness. Maybe even a little choked up-ness. And I have to say that even though he's super strong, he's got that vulnerability that makes me swoon. And the massive biceps? AND a good cook?? Count me in. The end of the second book absolutely drives me INSANE.

And I love Gale because he is the tall, dark and handsome one, the one we don't know much about, yet he is so appealing because of that. It's the mystery factor. We know he's loved Katniss on a much more personal level, whereas Peeta has loved from afar. He plays hard-to-get, too, which can be maddeningly attractive. In his case, it IS. He is smooth. He is swift. And Katniss is actually in love with him. I think.

Oh boys, why do you have to make it so DIFFICULT? I really cannot choose. But honestly....I think one of them is going to kick the bucket in the last book. It's the only way.
I've got a feeling that this last installment will be the greatest yet.

So chumettes, who will Katniss choose? What are your predictions for this final book? Spill it. I could never get sick of talking about it.

And one more thing. DOWN WITH THE CAPITOL.


Jenna said...

ohhhhmyygoooodness. i am dying. DYING! i can hardly wait. i hope she chooses Peeta. i love him, he deserves her. he better be alive and okay or so help me. OH THE SUSPENSE! i could go on and on. i love these books.

Megham said...

This made me more excited!!!!!!! One more thing to add:
I liked Peeta after I learned that he gave her bread when they were little!!!
I like Gale because he actually has known Katniss through out her life.
Yep, I agree that this is hard to choose

Batash said...

I'm so excited I feel like I'm clawing out of my skin because I HAVE TO READ IT. It's an addiction I think. A really bad one that can only be satisfied by reading on.
(Do you remember me talking to you in Med Anatomy about how I wanted to read so bad, and you told me I wouldn't be able to put it down? Well you were right)
I love Peeta. I love him so much. I just adore that he would do absolutely anything for her. Even die for her.
Gale is stubborn. I like him, but I don't want her to be with him.
But then again I honestly don't know.
I'm hoping in the next book they actually are able to bring in District 13. (Which I guess now is District 12?) I want them to bring down the Capitol and President Snow; a man who smells like roses and blood needs to go. And they better save Peeta. I think I will cry forever if they don't.

Lindsey said...

You look nice Marilyn! Had fancy plans I take it.
I just got this book from the Library today so I can refresh myself.
I hope Peta is removed. He kind of drives me nuts. Gale on the other hand can stay, if Katniss doesn't want him I'll be GLAD to take him off her hands. =]

meg. said...

I just finished catching fire.
i just threw mine (evan's) book against the wall.

Evan & Diana said...

yes. yes. yes. i will definitely be seeing you at the release party.