Wednesday, September 8, 2010

umm i had to. for lurve.

welp ladies and chums. the day has come. 9/9/10. it is the grand
two year mark.
two YEARS!
i am so happy.

in celebration, hah, well, i'm going to write down my epic love story. for good. because it's about time i wrote it down so i don't forget a single second of it.
i am a hopeless romantic type, and i positively die when i hear people's love stories. if you are one of those types also, please read on. here goes nothing.

This story starts in measly old ninth grade. It was that lovely time of year to choose your classes for the next year of school. The process went based on your geography teacher. If you had the devilish Mrs. Kerr, you were permitted to go log on and choose your classes first. I had Mr. Farnsworth and so we got to go third. Essentially, we had crap class choices because everyone got to go before us. What a joke. So, me, not having the slightest inkling of what I was doing, took Floral Design and, I believe, Interior Design. Again, what a sick, sick joke. This did not please my mother.
When my schedule arrived a couple of weeks before high school started, my mom opened the thick envelope and her jaw dropped. "FLORAL DESIGN???!" She was disgusted. We marched right over to the high school counseling office to change those two "fluff" classes. I stared down the list of available options and my mom pointed out Emergency Med Service and Sports Med. She knew I wanted to be a veterinarian, so the more medical background I could get, the better. Hey. That made sense. Don't know why I didn't sign up for those in the first place. So it came to pass that I signed up for two life saving classes instead of two life wasting classes. Fate, I tell you.
School arrived. On the first day I wore a blue dress with knee socks and these neat cowboy boots that have pictures of pin up girls all over them. I nervously navigated all of my classes and then got to Sports Med. It was a big class and I loved the teacher right away. There was only one other girl that I somewhat knew in that class: Katelyn Boyce. So I sat next to her. That first day and the days that followed, I just kept my eyes glued to the front.
A couple of weeks after school started, my family took a trip to Mexico for a week. Arriba! We got home on September 11. On September 12, my favorite band of all times, the epic, the incredible, the mind blowing MUSE was playing at UVU. And I REALLY wanted to go. Oh yes I did. But mom said no because we had just got back from vacation and needed to settle down. So on the 12th I went to school. It was a B day, so I had Sports Med. Class went on and near the end, everyone was talking but couldn't leave yet. So I was just sitting on the edge of my desk, daydreaming, when I heard a glorious voice say "So, I'm going to see Muse tonight. I'm so excited." I turned and there was a very tall boy with wavy dark hair. I didn't know his name, but he was talking to a very good looking boy named Derek. But I paid no attention to Derek. The other boy had said MUSE!
"You're going to the show tonight??" I said, smiling like a crazy obsessed person.
"Yeah I can't wait! I hear they put on such an incredible show." Oh, how cute. He had a gap in his front teeth.

Boom. To be continued.

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Megham said...

WHERE IS THE NEXT ONE???? I liked this a lot, so cute