Thursday, September 9, 2010

for lurve, part 2.

After I talked to that boy in school that day, I started noticing him. I asked him about the Muse concert and we talked some more. He was nice to look at. I sat at my table with Katelyn Boyce, and he sat at the table right next to me if not for the walkway between us. Nearly perfect placement.
One day he wasn't at school and I wondered where he was. Then Ms. Pond started taking roll. She looked at the class and said, "Where is Chris today?" Chris. That was his name.
I started talking to Chris more, every chance I could get. He would show me pictures of fat people that he'd secretly taken with his phone. When we played test review games in class, every time I got an answer right, he would give me a high five. He didn't do that to other people. I felt so cool. I can't remember if it was Katelyn Boyce or someone else, but one day someone told me, "You are really quiet in class unless Chris is there." And I laaaaughed. He changed his hair color about 3 times and I loved it, even though it was never red. Yet. It was long and so ultra luscious. I LOVED his clothes. He wore the coolest sweaters and vests and shirts. And we had MATCHING RED PANTS. We once wore them on the same day and had a tremendous "hooray for red pants" moment. He said the most ridiculous, hilarious things in class that made everyone laugh.

Ms. Pond: Isn't that the Star Wars where Anikin and Padme like.....have Luke and Leia?
Chris: Oooooooh they craft!

Me: Once my brother threw a book at my eye.
Chris: WHAT? What kind of book was it? Was it a novel?

Ms. Pond: Alternate current, direct current. Like AC/DC!
Chris: Those CLEVER SONS OF B'S.

Every time he made me laugh, I liked him more.
Well, every story has a conflict, right? So does this one. Around October I met this other boy. We will refer to him as "He-who-must-not-be-named". Ask my friends, ask my family, ask anyone, and they will confirm that he was the worst mistake of my life. So he started to like me. And as those things go, we were together. His best friend was Kaden Walker, and Kaden was one of Chris's best friends at the time. He-who-must-not-be-named would hang out with Kaden and Chris and their whole gang and I was super jealous. Then we would talk on the phone every night and he would tell me about their adventures. They sounded amazing. He would tell me all about Chris and I would drink up his words. Once he told me that Chris talked about me all the time. He said that I was so cool and REALLY smart. When he told me that, I got butterflies.
Once they were all hanging out and I was sitting at home and I got a text from an unknown number. It said, "Beith thou Mallory?" It could only be one person. He-who had given Chris my number. RESULT! At that time, I only had 400 texts a month on my phone. Within a day, all of my texts were gone because of Chris. He was so entertaining and fun to talk to. And we would talk about the most random things. He was so nice and said I made him laugh. This happened every single month. The day I got my texts renewed on my phone, I'd text Chris, and the next thing I knew, they'd all be gone.
And then the most glorious thing happened. He-who and I were talking on the phone and we were talking about Chris. This was becoming a common thing. He-who-must-not-be-named basically told me that he had a man crush on Chris. But I was perfectly happy to talk about him; it made me feel all giddy. So then he said, "I really think that Chris likes you." I was dumbfounded. We were pals, but I didn't think it was like that. "He talks about you ALL. THE. TIME. He doesn't talk about ANYONE else like that. And it is really good things too. Like he thinks you are the smartest coolest girl ever. And he always tells me stories about you, every day." I didn't believe it. He couldn't like me, I thought. He is way too cool for me! But that is when I realized that I did like him. I know, I know, I had a boyfriend, but I loved Chris too. Bad girl. But...I couldn't help myself. And things were getting crazy in the boyfriend department in a very bad way.

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