Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I'd thought Germany, Italy, Scotland. I knew he was going foreign; stateside was not for Chris. I wasn't getting any vibes from South America. I doubted Africa. I was set on Europe. Today, Italy sounded nice. Of all the countries, cities, islands, continents, I never considered Russia. That is where Chris is serving his mission. Vladivostok, Russia. On the far East side by China. In fact, I never even knew that part of the world existed. You think of that area and you think of Japan and China. Not Russia. I had imagined today over and over in my head. It is so strange that it's happened. Now all I can see is Chris wearing one of those fuzzy hats. Other than that, I cannot picture him there. It makes me a little scared. Russia is such a....fierce country. Lots of big men with unibrows. And Chris will be there. Shivering his buns off for two years. It. Is. Insane. He leaves January 12. Blehhhh. I should have known God was trying to send me a message when my crazy neighbor came and talked to me and tried to hook me up with her son. Russia. What?


-Kait- said...

oh Chris will love it. My brother went there, and he you should be good.
Plus the mafia loves missionaries!
P.S. there is a Chris look a like at my school, and I thought of you.

miss mandi said...

three cheers for elders.