Tuesday, October 5, 2010

so done.

With creeps at school. A creep followed me out of biology today and asked to give me a ride to my next class. I just try to be nice to people. I really do. So I hesitantly said yes. And he was parked on the other side of campus in free parking. Crap. It was horrid.
Then when we finally made it to my class, he asked for my number. And I told him I had a boyfriend. And he said, "So...where is the relationship? Like starting out or almost done or what?" And I said. "Nope. We have been dating for two years." and left.
And I told Chris and he is very very mad at me.
And now I want to shoot myself.
And this is the worst time to be mad at me because he is getting his call tomorrow and I am going crazy.
I just want to get married and be done with it. I want to wear a giant sign on me that says "I HAVE A HUGE MUSCLY HANDSOME GINGER BOYFRIEND THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH SO LEAVE ME ALONE." I hate feeling like I have to be nice and not knowing what to do. I hate it.
I am so done.


Lindsey said...

Go to clairs, get a $5 plastic ring, and tell all them creeps that "He went to Jareds"
That'll keep them away for now. bwahaha.
No but really, this girl at my work does that. She's super pretty too and she says greasy men leave her alone when she wears it.

(Megan) said...

I second this motion. I have one you can wear! I'm giving it to you when I come back up.

Hilary said...

I hate this too! Or especially when they do nice things for me! Like hand in my paper or carry my groceries! In my brain I'm thinking "Don't do nice things for me. I have a boyfriend."