Wednesday, October 27, 2010

things are looking up.

And I mean REHEHEHEEEEALLY looking up. Cause guess who doesn't have to take a math class ever again after next semester? THIS GIRL.

Totally off that subject,
Last night after work I went with Chris to say our goodbyes to his friends Colby Richards who is missioning in Germany and Jared Reynolds who is missioning in Uruguay. Erik and I were chatting and doing our perpetual nodding without saying anything at each other and he asked me "So are you going to cry?" and I said "Naw." We got to Colby's house and everyone had red eyes. It was the saddest. As I was leaving I went to shake Colby's hand and promptly started bawling. This is hard stuff. Hard, hard stuff. Reality is starting to hit me. And smack and punch and slap me. I thought I knew everything. I don't.

I must.

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