Monday, October 25, 2010

that beep.

My mom brought me back ankle toe socks from China. I woke up late and didn't get to shower today which meant 20 more minutes of glorious sleep. The rain woke me up last night with it's merciless hammerings about my window. My dad is painting the living room and laid plastic on the floor so the carpet wouldn't get dripped on and he sent me a picture of Gary hiding beneath the plastic because it is loud and crinkly and he loves playing in it and thought no one could see him in there. Evan Kirby is Phantom of the Opera. Edward's heated seats are heaven sent in the morning. While driving mom home from the airport this silly blue car in front of me tried to merge into the left lane but there were too many cars comin so we almost came to a complete stop on the freeway, and then this big white truck honked forever at the blue car so it jolted over and started driving on the weeds and grass on the side of the road and I laughed for five minutes straight. Circa Survive tuckets came in the mail. Another letter from Josh Lyman came in the mail. Delectable green tea Kit Kats. Random supernice texts from Rachel, whom I love and miss always. Lion head rings at DownEast that I super want. Gorgeous gorgeous blue and purple and pink and orange and white mountains. Serendipitous Dr. Pepper chapstick. Avoiding the creep in Biology successfully. Gary curled up on my bed and squinty when I turn the light on. Full moon. The Chamber of Secrets. Heather likes leather tetherballs. Ginger. Warm hoodies from the dryer that say "Keep Breathing, Keep Loving" and it's so appropriate.

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