Sunday, November 7, 2010

so sick of doing homework

So I took a break and looked at this for a while. I want to spend forever on that blog. I LOVE ANIMALS SO DERN MUCH! They are the best things on the earth. I just want to watch them and cuddle them and learn about them and be friends with them and help them all the time. They are so innocent and happy. They are so smart. And really funny. And incredibly beautiful. They are the GREATEST.

Yesterday night Gary was sleeping on my bed and yawned and I saw blood in his mouth. So I looked in there and there is a HUGE gash on his tongue. It is the most painful thing to look at. It just gives me the chills thinking about how it happened and how bad it must hurt. It looks like a hook caught it and ripped a huge chunk out. It is all purple and red and white; it is really the worst. I would take a picture and show but it would probably make you throw up. My poor kitty. Bleh.

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