Monday, November 8, 2010

2 sentimental/fantastic 2 B 4 gotten

I found all of these wonderful documents & things while cleaning out my room.

Homemade Potter Puppet Pals.

Holly Green and I drew this.

"Lifffftssssssss sssssome weightttssssssssssssss"

It's true:

An embarrassing snapshot of my cousin and a neat picture of my Aunt Sarah that I rescued from my mom.

Miss Lloyd comics. These I will treasure forever.

STA'S. We had our STA phase.

Oh how I wished it were true.


Documentation of a terrifying night.

A wonderful Christmas gift.

My cousin drew this.

Aaaaaaaaaand.........AUTOGRAPHED LETTER FROM DANIEL RADCLIFFE!!! The absolute most shining moment of glory in all my adolescent life. I cried.

....These are only a fraction along with literally jillions of pictures of Sondre Lerche and Elijah Wood (with a few Orlando Blooms here and there), Avril Lavigne, Hawthorne Heights and Fall Out Boy CD's, hundreds of Hello Kitty notepads and Hello Kitty stickers, love notes from Chris, pet rocks from Chris, zombie drawings from my Russian neighbor George, embarrassing junior high photos, every letter and card anyone has ever written me, Orchestra music, toenails, cat hair, marbles, gel pens, and lots and lots of dust bunnies. Heck no I didn't throw anything away.


Sharon.Ovalle.♥. said...

And a gerbil in your freezer

Lindsey said...

hahahaha! Sharon...oh sharon.
so uh, did I draw that dog picture? WTF!!!

Batash said...

You MUST explain that Daniel Radcliffe letter.

amycastleberry said...

Oh my goodness. I have a plethora of Miss Lloyd comics that Jade drew me!! Haha about how she had monkey children living in the vending machines. Good times.